ADFX Awards, Great Work that Works.


When you enter the boardroom at Boys and Girls, right above your head are clusters of little bulbs organised into various letters that spell out three words. Great Work, Works.

Over the last year it’s been a great pleasure to have been the most awarded creative agency in Ireland given our tremendous hauls at the Sharks, ICADs, APMC’s and others. Winning more than any other agency in Ireland, especially given our size and relative youth as a agency, is something we take great pride in.

And whilst it is nice to win creative awards, helping us to justifiably make a claim to the creation of ‘Great Work’ – the ‘Works’ part is of course incredibly important.

Reports such as the IPA’s the Long and the Short of it and IAPI’s Ireland specific ‘A line in the sand’ provide the hard proof that creative awarded winning work does work, with long term creative ideas delivering 11 times their return on investment. An 11x multiplier for creative work should be enough to convince even the most ardent sceptic.

Our four newest ADFX awards speak directly to our Great Work, Working. We entered 4 papers in April, all 4 were shortlisted in the summer and now all 4 are winners. McDonnells ‘Unbland’ with a Gold and Silvers for RaboDirect ‘The Savings Specialist, Three ‘Perfect Surprise’ and Three ‘All It Takes’.

This is a resounding endorsement of our ‘Great Work, Works’ claim and proof that the work coming out of the agency is making a real business difference to our clients. All of our winning campaigns have also won creative awards, further proof of the effectiveness of great creative.

None of this could have been possible without the great clients and relationships we have been fortunate enough to forge and build, as well as the tremendous commitment to great work from the people within every part of the agency. A very large thank you to all of our clients and staff and here’s to creating even more Great Work that Works in the future.