Barnardos LOST

When a child goes missing the world takes notice. Each one of us will do what we can to help. But what are we doing for the 1 in 7 children in Ireland LOST to homelessness, poverty and neglect? That’s the question our ‘LOST’ campaign for Barnardos tackles head on.

The central piece of the campaign is an immersive 360° film that put’s the viewer at the heart of a parent’s worst nightmare – losing their child. In the film, the viewer helps look for 5-year-old Ciara who goes missing. The ask from Barnardos is that we treat the other children LOST in the film with the same urgency and importance.

The campaign is supported with a 60 second TV commercial and 24 LOST posters, which were pasted up and down the country. Each story features a child LOST to homelessness, poverty or neglect. Each story is true.

Barnardos can help end this injustice but their services are stretched thin and need the public’s support. Please join the search at