Cuprinol – Bloom 2017


To give Cuprinol a presence at Bloom 2017 that built on the success of previous years, we created for them a concept show garden. The medium-sized show garden was a modern interpretation of a traditional rose garden and allowed the brand to showcase its expertise in decorating outdoor living space, incorporating colourful painted wood and terracotta alongside plants in a playful yet sophisticated way. It featured a large rotating kaleidoscope at its centre as well as mini ones around its perimeter which allowed visitors to view the colours of the rose blooms abstracted with complementary Cuprinol Garden Shades; experiencing garden colour in a new, fun and engaging way. The garden was awarded with a Silver Gilt award by Bloom judges, a firm handshake from the country’s President, huge traction in press and social and was donated to Enable Ireland to be rebuilt in Kildare.