Jose Cuervo – Day of the Dead – International activations

To mark the Day of the Dead we rolled out a number of events in both Ireland and across Europe for Jose Cuervo. We kicked things off by commissioning and producing two rather large Jose Cuervo sugar skulls, which were used to demonstrate just how Jose Cuervo would like Day of the Dead to be brought to life through experiential events.


The first installation was in Berlin for the BCB convention. After a successful debut, the giant skull was shipped to Greece and other countries to be installed.



Back here in Ireland, Jose Cuervo was the title sponsor for the Day of the Dead festival. To make sure we truly owned this, we designed and built the main stage, with the focal point being our UV Jose Cuervo sugar skull. We supported the sponsorship through the bars, on the ground activation and merchandise, which incorporated our branding and Snapchat filter.


To round off the celebrations, we designed and hosted a secret Day of the Dead party, hidden behind a busy Dublin street. This secret Mexican party combined all the elements of the festival, with our skull a focal point once again.