ŠKODA Made for Ireland

ŠKODA cars might not be made here in Ireland, but they seem perfectly designed with Ireland in mind. From build quality that can handle the worst of our roads, to clever features like an umbrella that’s stored in the doors of the Superb, perfect for our weather.

We created ŠKODA’s first Irish TV ad, as an antidote to the international copy that most car brands run. Gone are the shots silver cars gliding down South African mountain roads at dawn. Gone too are the handsome couples sharing a smug moment as they head out on a date. Instead the ad focuses on real moments of Irish motoring, the rain, the traffic, the rows, the cows and the clampers. We focus on Irish motoring reality to show that ŠKODA’s might not be made here, but they are made for Ireland.



ŠKODA cars might not be made in Ireland, but they’re certainly designed with Irish drivers and roads in mind.

This 30-second spot, ŠKODA’s second in the Made for Ireland series, once again does away with the pretenses of the hyper stylized international car commercials and refreshingly explores the realities of driving in Ireland. Sometimes it’s loud. Sometimes it’s chaotic. But one thing’s for sure – it’s never boring.

The commercial features ŠKODA’s brand new range, including the 7-seater KODIAQ and was directed by Richie Smyth of Pull the Trigger Productions.